Associazione Tiziano Ciotti una Vita per il Basket Onlus



Was born on 23/11/2011 TIZIANO CIOTTI ASSOCIATION “ONE LIFE TO THE BASKET” ONLUS to remember the promising young Italian basketball TIZIANO CIOTTI, who died before the day 11/07/2011 while he was with his closest friends . The cause of premature death is likely due to Brugada syndrome and / or long QT syndrome, in that very moment in which they occur determines – in most cases – instant death. The loss of TIZIANO caused a huge shock in the entire community and everyone, from the outset, have recognized significant TIZIANO DOWRIES character, human and sports. TIZIANO is remembered by all as a boy out of the norm because they always smiling, helpful, caring, friend to all and especially the weakest and most defenseless and never pretentious. These virtues are recognized by children and adults alike, and we as parents we were immediately impressed by so much LOVE for our son.

The City of Anagni decided from the first moment to dedicate the sports hall at TIZIANO, and after an extraordinary meeting of the City Council held in the month of August, has been unanimously approved the will to dedicate the building to the small TIZIANO calling the same “PALATIZIANO”. The documents were immediately sent to the Prefect of Frosinone, who after a quick and accurate analysis has provided the necessary authorization and sent the same to Rome for the final ratification was granted on 17/11/2011.

The Association, at the behest of us parents have been duly convened before a notary public and the council are also an accountant as treasurer, an attorney acting cialis prezzo as secretary and as a consultant sports physician. We parents, Tiziana De Angelis as President, Massimo Ciotti as Vice President will ensure that the projects of the ‘Association have been made with the utmost transparency, and that will be completed, only and exclusively in the name of Titian, the greatest number of charities.

After locating the headquarters of the Association, organized the dedication ceremony of the Palace of  TIZIANO and the FIRST NATIONAL MEMORIAL-level of basketball, will begin the real business of the Association who, as already said, will seek to achieve the greatest possible number of projects in favor of children and young people most in need, more alone and helpless, just as he wanted to TIZIANO.

The immense his SMILE, which has given us and we continue to give joy and strength to go forward, will be our inspirational guide. The Association “TIZIANO CIOTTI” is a “ONLUS“, so all donations will be regularly deducted while the phases of each project can be followed directly on the homepage of the site.

Sure that once you are on our side not only to collect the necessary funds, but also some of your constant and continuous moral support, embrace you affectionately.